more relaxed

By the time we’d finished breakfast and left the hotel it was nearly 11am. No hurry though.

We took the subway to Peitou, a hot spring area. Walked up the hill, past the park and the increasingly strong sulphur smell. Halfway up we stopped at a small coffee shop and had lunch of tea and rice. Then another 1km walk uphill to the hotel at the top, where they have rooms with their own spa bath. So we had a really nice 1.5 hour soaking in our own spa and then taking a quick nap and then on our way, refreshed.

Had tea of bubble tea, iced coffee and thick toast at a small family upstairs restaurant, sat there for a long while. Even more relaxing.

Took the subway back into town and to the bright shopping area, pedestrianised and neon lit. Had a dinner of eat-all-you-like charcoal grill / seafood hotpot combination. Soft drinks and dessert included. Had some beef, lots of lamb chops and sweetcorn.

More walking around at the shops afterwards. I’m typing this at the hotel, again, when I finish I’ll go back upstairs and shower and bed.

What a nice day.