’tis the season

… for out of routine sleeping and waking patterns. Christmas Eve we didn’t go to bed till like 4.30am, playing mahjong all night. Christmas morning woke up at 1pm, had a nice but rushed lunch and I had to go home to pick up the presents to go to my parents’ place for Christmas dinner.

Boxing Day woke up real early, like 6am, to go to the last mass in Clara’s memory. Had breakfast with her family and by the time I got home it was only 10am. Rest of the day spent by myself downloading songs, updating the website and reading a new fic.

Today when I opened my eyes finally it was 1.50pm. Lunch, washing up and chores later and it’s already dark. Half the day’s gone before I know it.

There’s something about the quiet and solitude that makes it quite pleasant. What we’ve been telling each other it’s our own private time. Can get addictive, this private time.