wet and rainy

Nothing overly much to do, just walking around the shopping streets a rather aimlessly, browsing, looking. Had a bowl of delicious noodles, standing up at the streets, cos the stall was only just that, one counter serving one type of noodles, the only choice — large or small bowl.

Nothing much else for lunch, iced milk shavings with green beans and Taiwanese pearl ball tea. It started raining and we didn’t have an umbrella so the consensus was to go someplace that has cover. So we went to this Breeze Center, which is a mall, as modern as they come, with all the modern brand names. We spent the most time at the books section, with books, magazines and comics in 3 languages. And went to the supermarket where I asked and asked and asked if we could buy the Taiwanese sausages.

We didn’t have a lot of cash left, having taking aside the necessary for the bus fare to to the airport I felt like we’re back at the old days of being “poor” students again, having to ration our funds. It’s a bit hilarious if I think about it, that we have only enough for a simple meal, can’t buy anything. But on the other hand we have enough in other currencies and credit cards to do anything we want, yet the fun is to count all the pennies.

We braved the rain back, now we’re in the hotel library, with a cup of tea and hotel internet, we’ll have to leave in about 15 minutes. Another holiday finished, anything great few days away. And it is the company, no matter what people say.

Back to reality tomorrow, should be quiet at work though. Catch up on the news and all. I know there’s a huge disaster that just happened, with tens of thousands of victims and millions homeless. But I’ve deliberately not thought about it, I can’t help knowing about it, it’s all over the news and TV, but selfish or not, I’ve kept it separate from my few days away.