a little help

I no longer feel the need to apologise, in fact from this moment on I shall shout out my pride at being a long term Mac user even more loudly than before. Don’t forget, I’m the person who once said, when asked if I have a PC emulator on my Powerbook, “eek I don’t want to dirty my Mac.”

At the end of a thoroughly wretched week of tragedy, when the death rate tonight stands at 87,000 and rising. Go to the homepages of apple and microsoft and see the difference. Apple has no apple products on their main page, just links to the aid agency sites. Contrast microsoft.com, where there is no mention of the earthquake and tsunami disaster, of what they are doing up there in Redmond.

Even amazon has enabled 1-Click for donations to Red Cross. Why am I such an apple geek? Need I say more?

apple.com 301204

microsoft.com 301204

amazon.com 301204