friends around

I left the office at 3pm already, although no official announcement. No one was around to say otherwise, so I thought, sod it.

Got home and picked up all the stuff I need to get then got a taxi to her place — too many bags. Had the luck to find a driver who thought tailgating was the normal way to drive. Just great.

Anyway we were having friends over at her place, she was feeling really terrible, headache and beginnings of flu. So I did most of the cooking. Made nachos, toasted french bread with mushroom topping, grilled some steak and ordered KFC chicken wings. Made apple crumble and custard too, not too shabby.

Friends brought wine and conversation. These are people we’ve known for more than 10 years now, since college. Everyone’s moved on, changed, gotten married, had kids, achieved different degrees of success. But they’re the same people we knew when we were young, and the history means we’ll always have something in common and be interested in each others’ lives.

Cheered in the New Year. Didn’t make any resolutions. The funniest scene for me was just after midnight, when everyone was standing around in her living room, with their cellphones either calling people, or texting, or sending ringtones to each other. Sign of the times.