We bought these days of the week bath salts many months ago, could even be as much as a year ago. A packet of 7 of course, that’s been sitting idle on my bathroom shelf.

So it’s been cold and suddenly I feel like a bath, so I maxed the hot water heater, put the kettle on (cos the boiler doesn’t give enough hot water for a whole bath) and went about making myself a bath. Or as the Japanese say, a soup.

The Monday bathsalt is “Ocean” and it’s blue. Nice.

I stepped into the tub and had to jump out cos the water was too hot, but I mixed in some more cold water and after some adjustment all was well.

It’s been a while since my last long bath and boy was it nice. The best feeling? When I slid down and I felt the heat on my shoulders and my neck, it’s like I’ve been cold for a long time and finally I can feel the muscles relaxing.