plans, what plans

Our plan was, meet for lunch with her friend, then we’d go and pick up her glasses, and I go to the bookstore, then we go watch a film.

It ended up with late lunch, just the 2 of us. Then I had to rush home cos my sis was bringing some furniture round and they’re not sure if they have my key and they were gonna leave them outside my front door. Then to pick up her glasses, then meet her friend for film and dinner.

So Friend got more time than initially allocated. She did ask me, bless her, if I minded the “lightbulb”, which I admit was my first reaction. But then Friend doesn’t seem to have plans so I guess we should be generous.

Finally saw Ocean’s Twelve. Fun. Funny. The “introducing Tess as Julia Roberts” was priceless. Steven Soderberg’s camera work and direction were idiosyncratic. There was this shot I absolutely loved, of a camera at ground level but tilted 90 degrees to normal, tracking the path of a plane. Fantastic.

The ending was a little deus ex machina for me, though I enjoyed how it was told.

We had Japanese for dinner. Had the live fish sashmi, where the fish is sliced while alive and is served with pieces of its flesh together with the head, tail and rest of the body. It’s still twitching. Can be very disconcerting and perhaps cruel. But we like it. The bones go into a milky soup that’s the best I’ve tasted.