nano book

I finished editing the book already last week. Used the preset 6×9 template and copied the text into it.

Set the margins to 1″, justified text. Debated on which font to use, the template came with Garamond but I really don’t like serif fonts, so I used Verbana.

Formatted for each chapter, indenting the paragraphs, this is new to me, haven’t done indents for ages and ages. But paragraphs at the beginning of each chapter and after each section break don’t have indents, so it’s a matter of manual formatting. Yuck.

Each chapter title has its own page, on odd pages, so, more formatting.

The footer on text filled pages has a top border line and page numbers, but the blank pages and chapter pages don’t. So more formatting and manual page numbering. Total page = 190.

Fun with Word, yeah.

Then to design my own cover. Played round with various colours and, surprise surprise, background is dark blue. The image uses one of the photoshopped versions of the Nice chair. Spent some time writing the backcover, not that easy.

Created an account in lulu, uploaded the content. They usually accept .doc but I converted to pdf already, after a couple of mishaps with embedded fonts it was loaded successfully. Then loaded the front and back covers as jpg.

Then picked the spine.

And I’m done. ID is 98805.