back on track

After an absence of a few weeks, I went back to the gym at lunch. And am paying the price for neglect, my arms and back got stiff afterwards. But I tell myself I have to continue.

They’ve put in more TVs, so people have more to watch when they’re running away. But the fun’s been discretely watching other people, you know.

A lot of people have iPods. Good for them. Good for Apple, except I suspect most of these iPods are PC ones. Necessary evil I have to concede.

Anyway, this woman got on the crosstraining machine next to me, and she was, gasp, impeccably made up, with a fancy watch and loads of jewellry. I can’t help but think, don’t these people sweat when they exercise? I break out in rivers and streams and I can’t stand it if I have a watch or anything. Weird.

What’s more, she was wearing tights underneath her shorts, plus socks and the obligatory cute sneakers. Huh? And a double huh? This is so weird.