Last weekend we went out and bought her a mini iPod, her Christmas present from her sf. Before Christmas there were no stock, so we’ve left it till now.

It took her like half an hour to decide on a colour — pink in the end.

The problem is it ships with iTunes 4 which only works on OSX, her iMac is still on OS9 and though I can switch to OSX on the Powerbook I hardly use it. So it’s been a week since we got her new toy and we’re only now getting round to playing with it.

I loaded 3 CDs as a test and to show her how it’s done, she’s real happy. She’s at her Mum’s today and is taking it with her to show off.

For most of today I switched over to OSX, loaded her iTunes and uploaded a bunch of my CDs. So now she has 400+ songs in her library. I need to figure out how to copy songs back and forth between my library and her library, especially if I’m moving to OSX sometime, it’s just more efficient, not having to upload again.

Anyway, just as we have her new toy, Apple decides to bring out the newest iPod, the iPod Shuffle. I’ve read that it looks like a pregnancy test stick and it does. It’s tiny alright, but it only has max 1GB and that’s only 240 songs and that gets tired easily, I want to carry my entire library with me at all times, I don’t care if it’s 1,772 songs and 5 days of continuous listening. I want to choice.