lulu book

I discovered, through the nanowrimo forums, that 2 copies of the book was ordered. I know one is my “order”, but who was the other? It seems like the people at may have ordered a copy, may be for their records?

Anyway, I think it’s pretty wise of them. According to their instructions, I set the royalty to zero, cos I haven’t read it properly and not edited. Once I edited and am happy, I can get an ISBN and set the price properly and all that, or I could retire the book. So they’re getting it at cost, just their own printing costs, and before it disappears. Yep, it’s real clever of them.

Do I mind? Do I think they’re being sneaky? May be they should have told us, but then they gave us this great offer of free printing, I’m okay about them having a copy for whatever reasons they have, as long as it’s not made too public. Then again they have thousands of books, so it’ll probably get buried.

Which is fine finey mcfine by me.