It’s an errand running sort of day. We met our financial advisor for an update meeting on the state of our affairs — we have some joint investments together — and it’s looking fine. Made some switching decisions but didn’t add more money. I think part of my cash bonus will go to repaying the mortgage rather than anything fancy.

Had lunch, surprisingly restrained of us, we didn’t have a lot.

I was going for a haircut while she visited the clothing shop she buys most of her work clothes. But, wow, the hairdresser’s was packed. So I ended up going with her to the shop, sitting on a pretty stool with her bag on my lap listening to the iPod while she tried her clothes on.

Then I went for my haircut. It was still busy but they fit me in between the perms and the other haircuts and the coloring. It took longer than usual but I guess it’s a good sign that they are busy. I remember around a year ago when competition opened up nearby and the economy wasn’t as good, they were empty.

We met up again and had an early dinner. Went to a new (for us) Korean place that was, to our surprise, staffed by many Koreans and with many Korean customers. A sure sign of an authentic place. We had too much (heehee) — bbq pork and lamb, noodles with sauce, hot stone rice, plus all the condiments and soup. Fruit and ice cream were also included and we shared a bottle of plum wine. Mucho satisfied thank you very much. Definitely a place worth returning.

We were very full so we decided to walk a couple of stops. But before that, time to buy my new phone. Had 2 choices, and I finally decided on the more extravagant one. Wait till tomorrow when I play around with it a bit, then I’ll write it up.