on the road again

When I left the office today, hefting my backpack, my colleagues wished me happy journey, now I’m on the road again. The start of another year’s travelling, I expect.

Was quite a hectic end of day. Had to go to the bank to transfer money, the cake shop to find cakes for the HRSC staff, the phone shop to look for a protective strip for the phone (unsuccessful), then bus home. Clear the fridge, iron the mountain of clothes on the couch, another load of laundry, plus drying, take shower. Pack.

I’d almost forgotten, I had a conference call at 9pm. Gee, who in their right minds organise conference calls at 9pm. Wait, yes, people in my company, that’s who.

Then Mum called to say she’s coming over. Is there enough time??? She came right at the beginning of the call, so she had to sit around waiting for it to end. I showed her my fun new phone and she amused herself by reading the manual.

So, everything’s almost done. Just the drying left. Even the garbage is cleared.

Have to set the alarm for early tomorrow, but still I don’t feel like sleeping.