in hiding

I admit it. Workwise I like it a lot more here in Singapore. No bitchy non-team players, no hassle of stuff being pushed back and forth, no need to pretend or put up a front. I can behave like myself in the office, the people here are way way nicer, and I’m almost moved to tears when I heard them discussing issues and problems amongst themselves so it gets resolved.

Of course, I’m just covering. And like I tell the team, I’m just their pretend boss, not their real one. Heehee. So it’s more relaxed.

Been to Carrefour already on Wednesday, got a roast chicken, salad and a loaf of cranberry bread. That’s been my dinner for the past 3 nights. Lunch is something simple from the food court. Duck rice yesterday, soup bee hoon today. Not in any hurry to overeat this time.

The best thing about this time is I get 2 bottles of water and 2 cans of soft drinks everyday. I exchanged the coke for diet coke yesterday and asked for it to be permanentlyl changed. But they forgot and today I got another normal coke. I’ll keep it for the guys at the office. I can’t drink it all anyway. And since I’m on a business trip for this long, I can claim laundry, I didn’t last year, always washed by hand. Now this time, I’ve decided to have the shirts laundered and wash socks, underwear and small clothes myself.

Another year. Another round of travelling. It starts.