I added a link to the site stats under the tmi section. Links to the left hand nav bar are includes, so it was just a matter of adding the link to

Ever since I started subtly including the link to quiet thoughts as my sig in some forums (nanowrimo, pens etc), I’ve had a few visitors that way. Don’t think many, but at least one person has mentioned it to me on one of those forums. Now I look at stats pretty much everyday, whereas before I might look once a week or fortnight.

I have 2 stats available: /stats and /stats/awstats. awstats look prettier so I tend to look at that, but I think it’s understated, plus it only gives me current month. stats give monthly summaries that I can click to drill down.

awstats say I’ve had a total bandwidth usage of 865MB up to today, and stats say 1.05GB. Control panel agrees with stats. So now this month’s the first time I’ve gone over 1GB. Luckily I have 4GB left.

As for visitors, I passed 200 on 15 Jan. Not sure what I did on that day, but there was a lot of traffic. Most common hits are the CA gifs on pens and the rotating image on each page. Basically, it’s an illusion, the so-called visitors are pages calling the images and not really actualy human eyes.

Almost all hosts are me anyway, I recognise which is the IP address of my work machine. The others are netvigator IP addresses generated everytime I logon. So again, it’s just me.