24 hour writathon

From writers weekly, via tannagh.com, a website I came across on the wordpress support forums today while looking for examples of people using WP as a cms, to display entries and articles like the way I use MT for the non date-based sections here.

This grabbed my attention:

Think NaNoWriMo was tough? WritersWeekly has a 24-hour version.

For the pleasure of spending $5, prospective writers can register for a 24 hour short story contest run by WritersWeekly, a freelance writing ezine. The contest starts noon (Central Time) on 9 April and only 500 people can participate.

Unlike nanowrimo, this one actual has prizes ā€” top 3 prizes are cash $200 – 300 plus some goodies. There’re also 20 honourable mentions and 60 randomly drawn prizes. So the chances of taking something away is quite high, especially if not all 500 participants manage to submit.

The topic and wordcount requirements are emailed to participants at the beginning of the contest, to prevent people pre-writing. That’s cool.

So now the dilemma is ā€” should I enter? What will I be doing that weekend? Isn’t it that week we planned to go away? Can I write on the fly like that?

Looking at the WritersWeekly website more closely (first time I’ve heard of it), it’s owned by a POD company that charges writers like a few hundred bucks for the privilege of being published. With the recent comments on the nano forums about people’s dubious regards for this sort of enterprise, it kinda leaves me a bit skeptical of the company. But then again, it’s just a competition, I can disregard what the parent company does, right?

Eep, it’s already nearly 50% full.