mix up

My ex-colleagues took me for “lo hei” yesterday. Translated literally it means mix happiness, or mix up! The other name for it is “yu sheng”, meaning raw fish, or sashimi lah.

It’s a uniquely Singaporean concoction invented by 4 master chefs in the 1960s, the main ingredients are raw fish, salad (carrots, cucumber, ginger, picked onions) and various oils and sauces. The trick is to say one of those nice prosperity blessing phrases at each stage of preparing the dish, eg when putting the fish in, say “year year get fish”, like that.

Look at the nice pictures.

Nowadays in restaurants there’s a variety of fish, from the “normal” salmon sashimi to abalone to lobster. Even vegetarian versions without the fish.

Then after everything’s been put in the salad, everyone stands up and toss the salad as high as they can, while again saying these blessing phrases. It’s fun and tastes good too.