I was walking around the Esplanade today and on a whim, decided to see what’s on. There were 2 concerts, one Beethoven, the other kd lang. I did end up getting a ticket, no prize for guessing which one.

kd of course.

What a voice. Accompanied by her own band — a fabulous jazz piano, a solid bass, a subtle drum and master guitar. And backed up by the local chamber orchestra.

Can I just say fabulous jazz piano again?

She sang some old favourites, Miss Chatelaine, Constant Craving, Simple, Don’t Smoke in Bed. Plus some from the new album, which are covers of other Canadian artists. A couple from lesser known artists, but she really shone through with Neil Young’s Helpless and oh my god, Hallelujah. So different from Jeff Buckley’s version, and sounding so good live.

A bit of banter with the crowd, silly ballerina dancing and lots of applause. The concert was too short, including 2 encores was only 90 minutes (no intermission), and it was quite expensive at SGD90. But it was interesting and I don’t regret coming.