a little work out

Woke up at 10am, went down for breakfast, ate enough so I didn’t have to go for lunch. Had sausages, fried noodles, hash brown, waffles, french toast, poached egg (but too much vinegar in the water got absorbed into the white), watermelon and papaya. Wow.

Went to Carrefour to buy the “lo hei” ingredients. Not expensive, just over SGD10 for a pack that’s supposed to be enough for 10 people, though the portions are small. Bought some biscuits and lapis cake. Plus a plate of sashimi, 2 tubs of salad, milk and some juice. Quite a lot to carry, cos they gave me this gigantic bag that is, well, gigantic.

By the time I got back to the room I’d started dripping, so I took a shower. Hooked up the laptop, ate the sashimi.

Around 4pm decided to go downstairs to the gym, which was virtually empty. Did 20 minutes of brisk walking and tried playing with the machines. Some are better than the others, didn’t like the shoulder press but some of the other weights machines are ok. Tried doing more crunches but positioning very bad. Then showered and used the sauna.

Now my arm muscles and shoulders are a little tired. Think I’ll go try it out again tomorrow.