inside the hotel day

I did not leave the vicinity of the hotel today. Couldn’t sleep last night cos of the constant buzzing of some stupid insect that was hanging around my ears, stupid stupid stupid. Woke up and it was nearly 11am, just as well cos I didn’t plan to have the big breakfast today. Instead I had an eye on the buffet at the Italian restaurant at the hotel. SGD48, which is not too bad. For an extra SGD30, there was even free flow prosecco, for only one person it’s hard to drink so much though.

Food was great, all sorts of antipasti — parma ham & melon, grilled veg, octopus, salad, cold meat, carpaccio. A nice seafood selection of oysters, prawns, lobster, mussels. And salad too, spinach, mushroom, pepper, tomato, dressing on the side, nice.

There were hot dishes but I didn’t try, mainly lasagna and chicken. The main course was served, I had squid ink pasta with scallops and tomato garlic sauce. Pasta was just right, though a tad too salty, and the scallops were good.

Mousses, fruit, cake, chocolate sponge for dessert. They had cheeses though, but padana and pecorino wouldn’t be my choice for a cheese spread.

May be it’s the location, or the fact that it’s a bit expensive (I mean, a bowl of noodles at the food court upstairs is less than $4), apart from me, there was only one other couple. Shame.

Took about 2 hours for the food to feel totally settled, so I went to the gym again. This time I managed to get the cross trainer to work, then did a few (too few lah) sit ups and machines. It was much more crowded than yesterday, but the sauna was again underused.

No need for dinner, finished the salad I bought at Carrefour yesterday.

Posted Part 14 of CA and watched the comments coming in. I’m bad.

So, all in all, an eventful day even without venturing outside.