When the whole thing started, I searched around for gmail invites, but none of my friends or even colleagues in the IT dept had heard of it, much less have a spare invite.

Some kind soul on the nanowrimo forums sent me one, so I joined the ranks. Problem was it doesn’t work on Netscape 7, which is what I’m still using on OS9. Of course one of the advantage of going on firefox on OSX is it’s all clear.

I was surfing round yesterday and was reminded of the spooler, where people with unwanted invites put them in a pool for people who want them. Last few times I ambled by, there weren’t any, but currently they have over 170k. I wonder if google did a big splurge, or if it’s already old hat, anyone who wanted one has one. I dunno.

Anyway I set a couple accounts up and got mm one too.