It’s here

The nano book arrived. I got off the taxi from the airport, dragged my bag up the steps and the porter at the management office told me I have a package.

I collected the rest of my mail and when I got home I showed mm the package and asked her to guess what it was. She got it in one.

It’s here!

The white edges of the cover showed up, I wonder why they told us to use their template if it was going to be like that. Otherwise the formatting is great, the font may be a bit too large, the margins too. Well, it just makes it easier to read.

I read the first chapter, it’s a different feel, reading it on the screen or on a bunch of printed A4 paper. The feel of reading it in book format is completely different.

Like it should be better. I haven’t read it in nearly 2 months, and I must say, in book form and re-reading it now, it’s not that good. The whole chapter needs to be re-written and tightened up.

But I’m not going to. I don’t intend to publish it. I want to leave the rawness and blemishes there, keep the energy and the knowledge that I wrote all of that within 10 days.