flying off

Flying again today, for 2 weeks, not much rest but I’ve seen mm for every single day since I came back friday :). Woke up this morning together, mmm. Skived off in the morning, decided to stay home and not go to work.

Oh yeah, something funny last night. As I was just entering my front door, my mobile rang, it was our dept secretary. Guess what? The 2 of us have been so busy that we’ve totally forgotten to have the agent issue the ticket! And I’m flying the next day! Luckily, this is the age of technology and it’s e-ticketed and I checked in online. Without a ticket. Went to check-in with just my passport, that’s it.

There were 2 mandarins in my kitchen this morning, but I didn’t feel like eating them. So, yeah, I took them with me. Funny thing is, they’re both from Singapore — I brought them back last time, hahaha! There’s also this small carton of milk that’s been in my bag since the first trip, I’m going to have to use it up, cos it’s flown enough times already.

Not a full plane, I like these Airbuses, they’re 2-4-2 so not so crowded. The meeting that was scheduled tonight was cancelled so yay, I can stay in.

I just came back from Carrefour, got some discounted sushi and sashimi, juice and salad. Way better than room service if you ask me.

So, she can’t visit this weekend :(. May be next one then. I miss her already.