It’s quiet without mm. I don’t feel like going anywhere, doing anything, I’m all on my own.

Woke up at usual work time, which is frustrating, cos I was looking forward to sleep. The Powerbook is on, but that gets too quiet after a while.

Went for a foot massage at the normal Kenko, they were full so I went for lunch first. Had Japanese set meal of soup and seafood. The soup was in a little pot that is kept hot by a little fire, looks cute but tastes only so-so. The Japanese stall is next to the Korean stall, may be she’d like to try the Korean set there when she comes over? Sigh, is it wishful thinking to want her to come visit?

Went to the sushi place behind Carrefour and bought a sashimi set plus handrolls for dinner. As per usual I emptied the fridge first thing so there’s space.

Was very good, went to the gym for an hour. Did the crosstrainer, some lifting, some crunches. Still not very good at the crunches, need to get better. Need equipment. May be pool tomorrow, dunno.

Nothing on TV tonight, so it’s Powerbook and me. It’s too quiet without her. She’s missing me too, I read her post. I don’t know how to make us both better …