more quiet

Woke up a little later today, relieved that I got a little more sleep. Still not late enough, I know, complaining about wanting to sleep later doesn’t work, I could have just gone back to bed. But I didn’t.

Finished off some of the salad and handrolls from yesterday for lunch. For someone on expense account I’m the model of frugality.

Watched some football on TV, not something I’d normally do. Chelsea vs Barcelona, followed by Arsenal vs Southampton. That, or it’s golf or some very old film.

Was having trouble with the aircon, either it’s too stuffy, or if I turn it up a fraction it’s too cold. So I was forever jumping up and down to adjust the thermostat. Finally had a brainwave — turn it on at the higher (stuffy) setting, then turn the fan on higher. Yay! It works.

Mid-afternoon went to the gym again. That’s unusual, twice in 2 days. Did 20 mins on the cross-trainer, some equipment. Arms and legs are sore but it’s a nice feeling. Still can’t get the crunches right though.

Went over to the foodcourt across the road, had stuffed tofu in soup and ice kacang. Plus a watermelon juice, it all came to SGD8. Yes, I’m in a frugal mood today.

She went to visit her sis today with her mum. We plan to go again when I’m back. I know how she misses her sis, I wish I can be there to be a cuddly comforty bear.