random nothingness

It’s highly unusual for me, not having anything to write about. It’s been kind of boring. Our training begins at 9am, then we have lunch at the foodcourt at Marina Square. I don’t need to attend the afternoon class, which is a repeat of the morning class (we can’t close the Service Centre so we split the reps into 2 groups). So I’m back at the SC in the afternoon and I do my acting SC Manager thing, checking documents, signing letters, answering their questions. This time I’m sitting outside and we have a really good time, having fun, joking with each other, getting work done. These are real nice people.

The afternoon class returns and I meet up with them to talk about any issues plus any other matters to discuss.

I have dinner at the foodcourt, as a change, the one next to the hotel, then I’m back in my room by around 7.30 – 8pm. Shower, TV, Powerbook. That’s my day.

Tomorrow we have a demo to the rest of the regional team, 8am start. But it’s fine.

Still more than a week to go, work-wise it’s fine here, finer than fine. But we talked on the phone today for a short time, and now I feel lonely again. Sigh.