House viewing and naps

Met up with my friend RM who has just moved to here to work, he was going house hunting this morning and invited me to come along. To take pictures and report to his wife, who hasn’t moved here yet.

Saw 8 places, 1 townhouse and the others were apartments. We were unanimous in our first choice, the townhouse. It’s in a narrow quiet street and on 4 storeys — basement leads to the garage and has a storage / maid room. First floor is the large living room and open terrace. Second floor is the master bedroom. Top floor 2 bedrooms that can be study and guest room. The bathrooms aren’t of the best design, they have this weird sunken bathtub in the master bedroom floor. If I were them, I’d ask the landlord to replace the entire bathroom with more modern and regular fittings.

It’s nice and open, airy and has a sort of peaceful holiday home feeling. There’s a pool that’s sculpted so it’s like flowing water. It was the biggest place we saw this morning, but rent is about the same as the others cos it only has a pool and no other facilities.

Our second choice was a top floor duplex that had 4 bedrooms and full length windows. The second floor is on a balcony you get up to by a spiral staircase. So the living room ceiling is 2 storeys high. Very impressive.

We also saw one penthouse that was only 2 bedrooms and small (actually lousily designed) living room. But it has a roof terrace and its own jacuzzi. Wow. I wouldn’t want it cos I was scared walking up the quite open stairs to the roof that had no handrails. Too much of a fear of height.

Had a simple lunch at the foodcourt and I went to the supermarket.

Very sleepy so I had a shower and took a nap. It was around 4.30pm when I went to bed and when I next opened my eyes it was still sort of light out so I figured, around 5.30. But it was past 7pm! Normally I only nap for an hour or so, this time it’s nearly 3 hours.

I think I was quite tired. I think it was catch-up sleep, don’t forsee any trouble falling asleep tonight.