On the plan back I watched Sideways. Originally I wanted to watch Closer but my colleagues were talking about Sideways last night and they said it’s good.

And it is. One of those little gems that doesn’t do a lot, has no big message or action sequence. The 2 main characters, and the 2 slightly less main characters, are all excellent, carrying the film throughout. I only now realise it’s over 2 hours, it certainly didn’t feel like it, no sparse moment, smoothly going from scene to scene.

It’s the sort of film that makes you feel like you really do know these people, and at the end when the credits roll, you just want to put your arms round them and go off for another round of drinks.

Lots of wine references, the vineyards and vintage shown really look great. Love the dissing of merlot and the redemption of chardonnay.

Was drinking airline wine, quality of which is no way close to the wines sampled in the film, but it’s ironic in a way.