birthday presents

I’m the world’s worst person when it comes to presents and being romantic etc. Like the jigsaw chain fiasco, when I moaned about Swarowski not giving us 2 boxes to keep our necklaces in, when the whole idea is supposed to be all romantic and keeping them together as a pair. Heehee, she had a good laugh at me for that.

Our birthdays are coming up. She’s planning a holiday for us, so far I’ve done nothing, she’s made all the enquiries and bookings. So lovely!

I asked her what she wants for her birthday present, cos I can’t think of anything interesting. Digital camera? iPod? She already has. Jewelry? Clothing? I have no idea. A book? Does she have time to read? Argh!

I thought about what I want. Originally I thought of aeron chairs I have in the office. But I made enquiries and the supplier doesn’t give corporate discount for personal purchases and these chairs are extremely expensive. Sigh.