do something unusual

It’s Good Friday. First off, I should be fasting today, at least refrain from meat. But I didn’t. Sigh, I mean well, I’m just not a good Catholic.

I woke up at around 10.30. She woke up for a little while but fell asleep again, she’s so very tired and I’m so glad she can sleep well here. No matter, cos I was reading the TWoP forums on TAR. I got hungry at around 1.30pm so I woke her up. sorry honey.

We saw Being Julia with librarian. It’s funny. Annette Benning carried the entire movie so well, but I was most impressed with Juliet Stevenson cos we’re both big fans of hers. We laughed our heads off at the theatre scene, and there was this other person in the cinema who had an even more insane laugh. A bit loud, but it was funny.

Then we went to her brothers’ new place for bbq. They moved to the top floor of a converted house and they have the roof. It was a good bbq. The last time I had bbq was also with them, at the roof of the office.

It was nearly 12.30am when we left. When we got back to town, we decided to do something we haven’t done for a long long time — stay out late. Went for quick dessert and walked for a little while before getting a taxi home. This post is dated 25 March but actually it’s 2.37am on 26 March, I’m waiting for her to finish showering and then it’s my turn. Yep, it’s been a long time since we stayed up this late (except when I’m reading or writing).