firm belief

Another late start to the day, not as late as yesterday. We’d planned to go out, but it was 3.30pm and we were still at home and I’d turned the heater on for a shower.

Finally we did go out, because we went to a baptism mass. It was a long mass, combined Easter and baptism and confirmation. So much so that we had to sit at an outside bench and couldn’t hear most of the procedings. But when it came to the ceremonies we went forward and crushed with everyone to get a glimpse.

It was very moving. Very moving, long mass, but the joy on everyone’s faces. It was long, and to ‘civilians’ probably boring. But the hymns were beautiful and the readings were lovely. And it’s unusual, we had both holy bread and holy wine today.

It’s at times like this that I’m glad of my belief, even though I hardly go to church. It’s the solid foundation inside me that helps me become who I am.