time flies

I know I haven’t been updating. It’s been hectic at work, lots of setting up a brand new entity in a new country stuff.

So, the saga about next week’s holiday.

Initially our plan was Phuket and Bangkok. She’s “owed” me this Phuket trip for over 10 years, it’s always been a joke between us. And finally we decided it was time, besides she got a free couple of nights’ stay on her airmiles.

And then the Indonesian earthquake happened Monday. Although Phuket wasn’t affect this time, the people were told to go to higher grounds in the middle of the night and they had to stay outside until 8am. Not how we want to spend our holiday.

So the alternative was Hokkaido. But somehow that didn’t pan out. We want to go properly either in the summer, or February when the ice festivals happened. What’s the point of going to a ski resort when most ski-lifts are closed and the snow’s melting?

Back to Thailand. Chiang Mai then. But hotels were difficult, it was too expensive.

Finally we decided last night. Head to Australia, no earthquake, nice weather. We spent the last 24 hours arranging everything. Correction, she spent the last 24 hours arranging everything, she’s so great! Sydney first then drive up to Brisbane.

It’s a whole week away. How much better can it get?