new office

I know I have a whole swath of Australia trip to write up but that’ll have to wait till I’m in the mood.

Like she said, I’m in Tokyo. Busy like crazy yesterday morning, until I could leave the office and go home. Flight was good, it’s been a while since I could travel business class. Went to the lounge and got a diet coke and a can of soda water.

Flight arrived early, for a change. I was the 3rd person off the plane and the luggage came fast. By 9.10pm I was at the airport limousine counter. Yay! Bus leaving at 9.20pm, only a few minutes’ wait. Staying at the Royal Park, the same one as when we visited last year. Check in was fast and I got to the room at around 10.30pm. It’s a smaller room than last year’s — not the suite.

Couldn’t sleep though. Probably not a problem tonight cos I’m tired. Oh, and she’ll sigh when she reads this, there’s FREE internet in the room. In fact there’s a computer that’s hooked up to this flat screen monitor that doubles as TV. Problem is when I switch to computer mode the TV is off so there’s no sound. Oh, and the keyboard seems to have a life of its own, it switches to Japanese by itself, but I figured out how to undo it everytime. Small price to pay though.

It’s around 15-20 mins walk to our office in Ninhonbashi. Met my boss for breakfast this morning and he took me, after I said I’d like to try the walking. Much preferable than taking an expensive taxi.

The building is very high tech. 2 layers of security access, open view, lots of light and modern furniture. The lift has a very cool feature, let’s say you press the wrong floor, just trace a cross over that button and it cancels, like undo. The first time I’ve heard of that.

Lunch my colleagues took me to a nearby place and I had a chopped tuna chirashi, plus udon and egg and pickles. ¥850. For dinner I went to the supermarket at the basement of the office building and bought a sushi set, chicken wings, dai fook cake and calpis water. Oh, and a bottle of sake for us to try.

Hopefully this week’ll go by quickly. We have the whole long weekend coming up :).