Tokyo Day 2

Actually nothing much to report today. Mostly meetings.

Our regional head took me to lunch, a small shop behind the office building serving tempura, called Benkei, I think. The reception has photos of a famous Japanese baseball player who is playing in the US, afraid I’m totally out of the loop as far as baseball is concerned I have no idea who this guy is.

The tempura is made by a very serious looking chef. One of the waitresses almost dropped some plates and he looked at her so fiercely! Our regional head is an American, but he’s lived in Japan for a number of years and his wife is Japanese, he can speak the language fluently, although he tells me that when he has visitors from other parts of Asia, the Japanese always talk to the Asian person instead of him.

Walked another route back to the hotel, this time passing the Water Shrine and “Human-shaped” biscuit shop we are so familiar with during our last visit. Bought sushi from another store, it’s nice.

I hear that the fish market will be closed on Friday, so I’m thinking of sneaking out tomorrow to buy the caviar for our weekend meals. I’m wondering if she’s coming over Friday night?