Tokyo day 3

I managed to squeeze all my meetings in the morning and I was done by lunchtime. Was in two minds about what to do for lunch, my intention is always to skive off but didn’t want to be too obvious. At the end I went with a colleague to the company canteen and had gyo-don — beef on rice. Very nice. Great to have a company canteen, really.

At the end I left at around 2.30pm. Took the subway to the Tsukiji Fish Market, I knew it’s going to be closed tomorrow so I want to get the salmon eggs today. By the time I got there the majority of the shops have closed already 🙁 definitely the sushi place we tried last time was closed. But you know what they say? All you need is one, and there was still one stall not fully closed, though they were still packing. I quickly bought the eggs, JPY900 for one container.

Took the metro back to the hotel area and bought some “people-shaped” red bean cakes. Played on the free internet for a while 🙂 and then went out at around 6pm in search of the rotating sushi place we visited last time. It’s still there! Each plate still JPY100 (+5% tax), I had 8 plates, coming to JPY840. Had salmon, some white fish, clams, egg. Nice.

That’s really it for this trip. Nothing spectacular.