Tokyo day 4

It’s a general holiday in Tokyo so I have an unexpected half day off, I deliberately booked a flight at 6.30pm so I have the morning to walk around. Woke up first at 7.50am, went back to sleep and was up after 10am. Decided to skip breakfast, actually apart from the first day breakfast with my boss, I haven’t tried the hotel breakfast again.

Even though I knew (see yesterday’s entry) the fish market was closed I couldn’t help but find myself there again. The stalls were closed, so lucky with the caviar, but some of the restaurants were open. I joined the queue for one that served sushi rice. Like everything Japs, you pay at the ticket machine in front of the shop and give your ticket to the servers. I waited almost an hour, but it was worth it! Had one that had unagi, caviar and shredded crab meat, JPY1,800, not cheap, but yummy. Came with soup and a side dish of egg and dried anchovies. The shop is run by 3 women and they were kept completely busy. One made the rice, taking the raw fish out from flat containers in the fridge and placing them carefully on the rice. Another tidied the used trays, served the tea and made the finishing touches to the tray. A third washed up and cut up the eggs, got more rice and all.

Took a metro to near the office and visited Mitsokoshi food hall. Bought a bottle of choya that I hope she likes. Walked back to the hotel but at first tried without a map and got a little disorientated. As a result I was in kind of a rush when I got back to the hotel. Luckily the airport bus terminal is right next door and within 10 minutes I had my ticket.

I’m writing this at the CX lounge at Narita. Compared with the CX lounge at HK, there’s a huge difference. This one is way way smaller and older. Only instant noodles and biscuits available. The whole seating area feels like the waiting area for a restaurant. Even these internet machines are old, I’m using a fairly basic feeling Dell laptop that has no mouse. But I’m not complaining.

I have an upper deck seat, so it should be comfortable. We talked about whether she’s coming over tonight, it’ll be late when I get home, almost midnight. But she said something touching, that she wants to see me first thing when she opens her eyes tomorrow. Awwww. I know she has food in her fridge and she has to go to sister’s first, so it’s a hassle. I’ll be happy either way.