staying inside

Originally I harboured the idea of visiting the Food Expo, but I went to bed very late and woke up feeling tired. The breakfast buffet was very rich and by the time I thought about going out it was absolutely pouring, I wonder if I brought the rainy weather with me?

It eased off by 5-ish, by then too late. Went down to the foodcourt for noodles and bo bo cha cha. Back to the room to watch more TV — they have AXN here, yay!

early arrival

In Singapore again, this time a day early, going to a colleague’s house for lunch gathering. Nice food, nice people, nice house.

I sat in her massage chair and fell asleep, how embarrassing! By the time I got to the hotel it was late afternoon. Popped out to the supermarket and bought drinks. Dinner was roast chicken sandwich. Didn’t feel like going anywhere, stayed in.

Staying at the Mandarin Oriental this time, Conrad was full. It’s newly renovated, very nice. The wall between the bathroom and bedroom is made of glass, with venetian blinds, but sitting at the desk I can see the tub, heehee.

Had some trouble connecting to the internet but all solved at the end.

Not a very eventful day, apart from the travelling.

day off

Took the day off to clear leave. And got a surprise, cos she took the day off too! Yay! We went to a private restaurant, then ran some errands.

I went home to bake a cake for tomorrow’s lunch. Made one for us too, but it was a little dry. Then at around 5pm it started totally raining cats and dogs. And thunder and lightning too, yuck. Happily we didn’t have plans for dinner and had bought chicken wings to eat in.

Sigh, it’s the quiet life.

Have to get up early tomorrow, flight’s at 9am.

our canteen

We’ve been going to this Jap restaurant near her place for a long while now, usually we have the set dinner that includes live fish sashimi. The first time we had it, it was quite scary, the fish, with flesh all neatly cut up and arranged, was still twitching! So ever since, we’ve called it twitching fish. The prices have gone slowly up, but it’s still value for money. We’ve been there 3 Sundays in a row, and the set lunch is cheap.

They have a set dinner Mon-Thurs only, so we took the opportunity tonight. Twitching fish, sashimi salad, pumpkin cake, udon, then the bones of the fish to make soup. The soup is a favorite and they always do it nicely, rich and creamy.

Except tonight, it was like broth. Not enough taste, like flavored water. We told the waitress. Apparently the normal chef is on vacation. Ahh! We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. They’d better do better next time.

how do I read?

People are telling me they like my writing, this is happening more and more. Everytime this happens I feel like I want to hide, or blush, or deny vehemently. All I know is, I like doing it, I wish I can be better, I wish I’d learnt more, read more, be more perceptive, all those necessary qualities needed to be good.

I wonder how I read? I can never tell. Do I come across as ponderous? Whimsical? Quiet? Am I better at narrative or dialogue? What aboue descriptions? Characterisation? Pacing? I have no idea.

So, really, how do I read?

Lovely day 2

Quiet day, it’s a public holiday, so we got to sleep in. We had a noodle lunch then relaxed around the house. Was a hot day, didn’t want to go out, had a nap.

I got hungry in the afternoon but didn’t feel like eating any of the stuff she has at home so when we went out for dinner and when we were walking I felt so energy-less both knees were weak and by the time we got to the restaurant my left arm felt like lead too.

When I’m hungry I get VERY cranky, but this time I was too weak to be cranky. The food came by quickly. She gave me half her rice and let me eat most of the food, she takes care of me so, awwww!

lovely day

We went out for lunch at the Jap restaurant near her place. The recurring phrase was, “for the 100th time, what value for money!”. I had a seafood ramen set which includes small sushi and side dishes, for the same price as the boring lunchboxes in Central. Woot!

It was furniture browsing day, we ended up at a small trendy furniture store, a large trendy Japanese furniture store, and Ikea. She bought a small bug rug and new mattress cover, that’s about it.

Early dinner at the Thai place where we have a 10% discount card. Set dinner of Tom Yum soup, curry crab, stir-fried veg and pad thai. Plus dessert assortment. I had a Changi beer — very diluted but what the hell, it’s beer.

Met up with her ex-colleague and we went for foot massage. Librarian had body massage. It was good, except some stupid rough redneck woman talked very loudly on the phone and in general, it was totally disruptive, I wanted to throw a magazine at her. When we finished and I looked back to see what she looked like, I was like, yep, redneck.

Had dessert but I got bored with those 2 talking, I wanted to get home. Then as we left the dessert place it started to POUR, terrible thunderstorm. We decided to get a taxi home instead of getting the bus. It continued for about half an hour, then died down.

Anyway, what a lovely day. (And I got a little present too.)

new friends

I’m kinda on my own today, mm had to work in the morning and the rest of the day she is at her parents’. I woke up earlier than usual (we were at her place) and couldn’t get back to sleep, eek. Then I went over to kb chat and hey! Lotsa new friends! I was there hours! Yay for new friends!

It was around 2pm before I got moving, plan was lunch, then haircut then grocery shopping, then home. By the time I got to the fast food place most of their lunch was gone and they were in the process of switching to tea mode, so nothing yet.

In the end I wasn’t too hungry so I had my haircut first. Sam was quick today.

By the time I got home it was only 4.30pm. More playing around on net.

We were supposed to meet up then go back to her place together, but by around 10pm I was thinking, what’s happening? I called her and one second after it got through I had a brainwave — I have keys, why do I need to wait? Silly.


mm’s Mum’s old school had a reunion dinner tonight, and we were invited. Neither of us went to that school so I kinda felt like someone who crashed the party. A genteel, good humoured, borderline serious party, but someone else’s all the same.

As usual, it started late. Boy am I glad I had some tea at work. Food was … okay, just about. Service was atrocious, the waiter was simply clueless. Every time we wanted drinks we had to ask a couple of times for them to refill. C’mon people, it’s just orange juice!

There were some speeches and programs and recitals on stage, most have more meaning if you actually went to that school. But the primary school play was fun.

Then one of the most famous old students went up and sang for a while. She’s really good, one of the older generation of performance artists who have actual talent.

Was late by the time we got home. I wanted to post something, her computer/connection were having a “who’s slower” competition and it took me 2 hours to do something that normally takes half an hour.

Mum’s birthday

Mum’s birthday today. We all went out for lunch on Saturday already, at a buffet sort of place. But Sis and I thought we’d take her out on her proper day.

I booked the French private restaurant I booked for the dept Christmas dinner. Our menu was:

  • Small appetizers – asparagus & prawn sauté, ox tongue terrine, baked escargot tart, stuffed duck breast w/ peach, spinach nuts roll
  • Salmon & dill tropical salad
  • Crab Chowder w/ pumpkin
  • Pan-fried Goose liver with red wine jus
  • Choice of main course – Stuffed pork loin roulade w/ Balsamic mushrooms or Scallop & Fish roulade in light curry sauce
  • Lemon Soufflé Cake
  • Herbal tea or Coffee

I wasn’t feeling 100% as far as my stomach was concerned that day, so I was terribly full by the main course and could only manage a bite or two. I had the pork, Mum and Sis the fish. I totally forgot Sis doesn’t eat pork so she’s only limited to one choice. The fish was nicer I thought.

I brought a bottle of châteauneuf-du-Pape, originally I was going to take a Henckell Trocken, but somehow having champagne with a meal doesn’t appeal to me that much.

Baby was also there, she’d had dinner at home already and behaved very well in the restaurant, playing with crayons, toys or hide and seek around the tables. There were only our table and another party of 5 so enough room for her to run around.

This is a good restaurant, no corkage, no service charge, menu changes everyday. Of course being a “private” restaurant it’s hidden away and won’t entertain walk-in customers.

better control

Stats are in better control now, after making stats password protected and adding the referer controls in htaccess. Only one suspect referer source this month. Most other referers are from kb, plus a few from the 404 webring, now that one’s FUN.

Some of the search phrases that somehow get linked here:

  • seoul tourist souvenir shop opens is insa-dong
  • aeron chairs australia brisbane
  • spare nokia7280

Strange what people search for.


Had lunch with my family yesterday, supposedly cos today’s Mother’s Day and it’ll be crowded and so many people so we have it early. Had buffet lunch at a supposedly posh restaurant, food’s okay, not fantastic, a lot of the price is probably location and décor.

Then it gradually dawned on me that it’s not just Saturday, it’s Sunday as well, and there’s some expectations that we’re going out again. I don’t know what my problem is nowadays but I simply have no incentive to go out, my preference is to stay home, stay indoors, and not have any contact with humans (except one, of course).

I really shouldn’t feel this way, cos Mother’s Day comes only once and year and Mum puts a great deal of importance on events like these. But as soon as I knew it’s Sunday too, all I thought about was, have to get home stat. I want to go home, now! Didn’t even offer to go with Mum walking around the (crowded and boring) shops. We arranged to go walking today.

Now today, it rained cats and dogs. So it’s confusion and miscommunications and the normal no one wanting to take the lead, Mum ended up sulking, and the half-baked plans turned out to be for nought.

It’s a bit sad really. Though not surprising. Bottom line is, I don’t like going out, my Dad doesn’t like going out, my Sis just wants to go where it’s suitable for Baby and Baby’s schedule, and Mum was waiting for someone to plan her big day. It was never gonna work out.