mm’s Mum’s old school had a reunion dinner tonight, and we were invited. Neither of us went to that school so I kinda felt like someone who crashed the party. A genteel, good humoured, borderline serious party, but someone else’s all the same.

As usual, it started late. Boy am I glad I had some tea at work. Food was … okay, just about. Service was atrocious, the waiter was simply clueless. Every time we wanted drinks we had to ask a couple of times for them to refill. C’mon people, it’s just orange juice!

There were some speeches and programs and recitals on stage, most have more meaning if you actually went to that school. But the primary school play was fun.

Then one of the most famous old students went up and sang for a while. She’s really good, one of the older generation of performance artists who have actual talent.

Was late by the time we got home. I wanted to post something, her computer/connection were having a “who’s slower” competition and it took me 2 hours to do something that normally takes half an hour.