new friends

I’m kinda on my own today, mm had to work in the morning and the rest of the day she is at her parents’. I woke up earlier than usual (we were at her place) and couldn’t get back to sleep, eek. Then I went over to kb chat and hey! Lotsa new friends! I was there hours! Yay for new friends!

It was around 2pm before I got moving, plan was lunch, then haircut then grocery shopping, then home. By the time I got to the fast food place most of their lunch was gone and they were in the process of switching to tea mode, so nothing yet.

In the end I wasn’t too hungry so I had my haircut first. Sam was quick today.

By the time I got home it was only 4.30pm. More playing around on net.

We were supposed to meet up then go back to her place together, but by around 10pm I was thinking, what’s happening? I called her and one second after it got through I had a brainwave — I have keys, why do I need to wait? Silly.