lovely day

We went out for lunch at the Jap restaurant near her place. The recurring phrase was, “for the 100th time, what value for money!”. I had a seafood ramen set which includes small sushi and side dishes, for the same price as the boring lunchboxes in Central. Woot!

It was furniture browsing day, we ended up at a small trendy furniture store, a large trendy Japanese furniture store, and Ikea. She bought a small bug rug and new mattress cover, that’s about it.

Early dinner at the Thai place where we have a 10% discount card. Set dinner of Tom Yum soup, curry crab, stir-fried veg and pad thai. Plus dessert assortment. I had a Changi beer — very diluted but what the hell, it’s beer.

Met up with her ex-colleague and we went for foot massage. Librarian had body massage. It was good, except some stupid rough redneck woman talked very loudly on the phone and in general, it was totally disruptive, I wanted to throw a magazine at her. When we finished and I looked back to see what she looked like, I was like, yep, redneck.

Had dessert but I got bored with those 2 talking, I wanted to get home. Then as we left the dessert place it started to POUR, terrible thunderstorm. We decided to get a taxi home instead of getting the bus. It continued for about half an hour, then died down.

Anyway, what a lovely day. (And I got a little present too.)