our canteen

We’ve been going to this Jap restaurant near her place for a long while now, usually we have the set dinner that includes live fish sashimi. The first time we had it, it was quite scary, the fish, with flesh all neatly cut up and arranged, was still twitching! So ever since, we’ve called it twitching fish. The prices have gone slowly up, but it’s still value for money. We’ve been there 3 Sundays in a row, and the set lunch is cheap.

They have a set dinner Mon-Thurs only, so we took the opportunity tonight. Twitching fish, sashimi salad, pumpkin cake, udon, then the bones of the fish to make soup. The soup is a favorite and they always do it nicely, rich and creamy.

Except tonight, it was like broth. Not enough taste, like flavored water. We told the waitress. Apparently the normal chef is on vacation. Ahh! We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. They’d better do better next time.