really not well

I have been profoundly ill this week. The cough from last week got worse and worse, so much so that it sounded like I was a 50-a day smoker, and I couldn’t sleep.

I was going to see a GP, but my colleagues (bless them) gave me the number of an ENT Specialist and I went to see him on Tuesday. Ever since I have not been to work — my cackling would scare any sane person off. It’s acute bronchitis.

Been quite heavily medicated — he gave me 6 types of medicine, including antibiotics which I don’t like but reluctantly agreed to. Today was the repeat visit, no better, and he gave me 7 types of medicine. Next visit is due Wednesday.

The cough is very bad and unsettling. My voice of course a nice husky deep tone I’ve always wanted :). My mouth feels bland and icky. I’ve been eating congee and sometimes some biscuits. Lots of tea, warm drinks, I dare not touch any cold drinks.

Restwise, not so great, cos I wake up on coughing fits several times a night. So the best description is fitful. The only time I’ve ventured beyond the garbage disposal since Tuesday is today, to see the doctor.

Of course I’m ‘enjoying’ being at home, but this is not a good reason for it.