road to recovery

I didn’t want to write much last week, cos if I did, each entry would be like “I’m still sick, can’t sleep, coughing fit at night, feeling sorry for myself”. After a while it gets tedious for both the writer and the readers, no one wants to hear me wheeze.

For various reasons I convinced myself I had to go to work everyday. I did go in later and left earlier. I was good, I wore a mask and kept my door shut. But I was coughing so much that they could hear me, and of course my ex-boss sits right in the next office, there’s only a thin wall between us and she probably feels the brunt.

The ENT specialist did all he could, then referred me to a respiratory specialist. I went on Thursday, long wait but he was thorough. Ended up with 5 types of meds plus a funky purple inhaler. I think it looks like one of those cable tidy contraption to keep computer wires organised, she thinks it looks like a room air freshener. Funny how people associate an object with different objects.

Those meds are stronger. And good too. The one before sleep is VERY strong, makes me dozy after only 10-20 mins. So drowsy that I forget to wake up to coughing fits.

All in all, I’m slowly getting better.