new toys

I must confess that I did the unthinkable this week. I bought a PC. Yes heresy, blasphemy and all that. Not a huge overwhelming reason either.

After much searching and waiting for the appropriate discount, I put the order in for a Dell Inspiron 6000. Rather an entry level laptop, but sufficient for my purposes, looking at the specs. Didn’t even go for the Centrino processor, Celeron is fine. Specs:

  • Celeron M Processor 350 1.3GHz, L2 cache 400MHz FSB
  • 512k upgraded to 1GB SDRAM
  • 60GB HD
  • DVD +/- RW drive
  • 64MHz PCI Express ATI video card
  • 10/100 Fast Ethernet
  • Wireless 2200 WLAN (802.11) card
  • Integrated Stereo Sound with RJ11, RJ45, IEEE 1394, SD Slot, VGA Out,S-video TV-Out, 4 USB 2.0
  • 15.4” wide aspect TFT display
  • Dell TruMobile 350 Bluetooth module

Comes with a nice padded backpack.

One of the first software I downloaded was Firefox. Yay firefox! Yahoo messenger of course — one of the reasons is to take advantage of the vc capabilities.

Putting it next to the Powerbooks make it look very clunky. It’s larger than I thought, certainly a lot more ugly than expected. But it’s supposed to be a desktop replacement, not to be lugged around, so I’m tolerating it.

On the subject of new laptops, she bought a brand new 15” Powerbook at the weekend, with TIGER!!! So now my study has 4 computers – the iMac SE with the defunct hard disk, the Titanium Powerbook (PB1), her new Powerbook (PB2) and the dell. The PB2 is like heaven, rounded corners, sleek look. And Tiger, omg, I hated OSX when it came out, but after playing with it … as soon as I find some use for my OS9 stuff, I’m upgrading.