Was talking with my chat buddies today about video games and the topic of D&D naturally turned to RPGs and text-based games. Oh, remember the zork days? I can hardly remember the game itself, except that it was so much fun. I can’t do the Quakes and Dooms nowadays, too much info and graphics to absorb, but zork and infocom games? They rule.

In other news I came across online disc golf, it’s addictive.


so I went to meet some people today for a potential job. When the recruiter contacted me, it sounded interesting, very interesting, and worthwhile. I was excited. But I met the people today and I’m a little anti-climatic. I expected earnest, more relaxed individuals, instead I got impersonal and questions on an area not in my expertise. Were they looking for what I do or are they fishing?

I still want this job, it’s in an organization I only had periphically aware, but the more I read about it, the more I like the idea. My friend Car told me that interviews are two way processes, now they need to sell themselves to me.

Plus it will involve moving continents again. I’d been reticence before, cos I don’t want to do the leaving each other while I gallivant all over the world thing again. She told me off for not asking, cos as of tonight she is considering jettisoning her high powered job and coming with me. It worries me (can I make enough to support both of us) but is strangely comforting (we can be together, just the two of us).

I don’t want to think too much about it right now, in case I’m disappointed.


Another day of staying home, with my laptops. I have the dell open, writing on it. And PB1 playing iTunes. It’s comforting to be surrounded by them.

The technician was supposed to come today to install the broadband TV and to change my modem, but he came on Thursday (even though the appointment was today, huh?) and didn’t come back today. I called the company up and they’re sending someone tomorrow. They’d better, cos I want my cheaper broadband plan right now.

airline travel

I was upgraded on the onward journey. The return journey I traveled with my friend CC, but we didn’t have time to coordinate seats before reaching the airport, so we had to rely on the desk agent. We had seats on the second last row of the plane – row 65. Now usually I’m at row 31 or thereabouts, and it’s like going into the twilight zone all the way back there. Up front, the passengers seem to be different, business travels, frequent travellers who knew the unspoken rules of travelling on a plane — what to expect at dinner, how not to intrude into each other’s space, keep talking to a minimum, on a short haul flight not recline your seat.

But there are the back were the riff-raffs. People who were clueless. First of, there were like 40 kids on a study tour, then about 20 hicks, disgusting people I normally stay 10 feet away. Garbage all over the floor, filthy bathrooms, and not even lining up properly. We tried to keep within our cocoons. Luckily it was only a 3 1/2 hour flight and we were able to whittle most of the time away by watching the film (Miss Congeniality 2 – nice concept, lousily written), dinner and napping.


I was gonna report on how my day was — normal, went to dinner with SC colleagues and tried out a combination hotplate, steamboat and … iced hotplate to make your own ice cream on, very cool.

But what of my life. How can it be compared against the horrible bombings. It brings it home to me, that they were at Edgware Road, Moorgate, Aldgate and Russell Square — these are places I know so well, so close to home, school, college, work — I have no words. All I want to do is cry.


well, not packing with a list means I forgot my spare glasses. Hopefully my glasses won’t break over the next few days.

I checked-in early and was told the flight’s full (surprising since when I checked-in online yesterday it didn’t look that way) and I’ve been upgraded. Yay! The agent asked if I minded a window seat, boy … of course not!

I had plenty of time so I grabbed a machine in the airline lounge and stayed there till it was time for boarding. Being in the lounge is great, especially one that’s big and organized.

Staying at the Oriental again, nice. They’ve really done good on their renovation, everything is super luxurious — robe, slippers, toileries, fruit, furniture. Even the ethernet cable is in a thick black box. This time I asked for an extra duvet, so I have two, yay!

I have a lovely view of the harbour, directly opposite the Fullerton. The IOC is in town and they just had a short fireworks display at teh Esplanade, which I was able to see at close quarters from my room.

Thing about flying is, my feet and knees need a massage now. Heh, I could call the spa and get one, but I’ve taken a shower now, don’t want to move. Ahh… the good life.


Did I mention I love the Garfield t-shirt, even though we joked today that it’s in the way, that we have Garfleid in between our skin and it needs to come off.

Why? Two reasons. First is that you forgot it when we moved from London. It stayed at the bottom of my pile of t-shirts those few years of not being together, cos I didn’t have the heart to throw it away. It reminded me too much. And now you’re wearing it again it gives me a nice feeling.

Second reason is I love how it feels, it’s a very old t-shirt that is quite worn down, which means it’s very thin and smooth. Thin means I can feel better. Feel what? I’ll leave it to your imagination.

I’m a technical genius

No really. I have to say so myself.

Woke up at 5.30am with a gigantic coughing fit. Can’t sleep, felt miserable. So I put the kettle on and made a large cup of tea. Settled down and tried to hook up the wireless. Didn’t work at first — remember the router isn’t supposed to take the place of the modem, it needs to be added on top.

The disk didn’t save initially, but I changed the security settings and it was fine. The first time the dell hooked up to the network I was ecstatic.

Set up her PB2 so its airport picks up the signal. The first time I had both on my desk, both using the wireless, I was lilke, wow.

Still not successful with the ethernet cable to PB1, I think it’s the boot server, it’s been a long day, I took a short nap in the afternoon but I’m still tired. We went out for dinner, I popped into the shop and upgraded my broadband to a cheaper but unlimited plan, so it’s all well.

I’ll deal with the ethernet later.

more new toys

After one too many times switching the ethernet connection between machines, I came to the conclusion that I need a wireless router. So that’s what we bought today.

We took PB1 to my friendly Apple shop, added 512k of SDRAM —> 768k, but had to order the wireless card, cos it’s for an old model.

Asked about Airport Express, the lady told us to get a PC one, for half the price. I really didn’t want to, one blasphemous act a year is one too many. But she gave me this disapproving look, so I relented and we bought 2 Linksys routers.

For some reason I’d screwed up the PC — yeah I’ve had it one day and it’s on the blink already, what a typical PC. I tried setting up the router but not successful. Gee, I know this will bug me all night, I almost wanted to leave the bed but the temptation for smoochies was too much. Leave it till tomorrow then.