more new toys

After one too many times switching the ethernet connection between machines, I came to the conclusion that I need a wireless router. So that’s what we bought today.

We took PB1 to my friendly Apple shop, added 512k of SDRAM —> 768k, but had to order the wireless card, cos it’s for an old model.

Asked about Airport Express, the lady told us to get a PC one, for half the price. I really didn’t want to, one blasphemous act a year is one too many. But she gave me this disapproving look, so I relented and we bought 2 Linksys routers.

For some reason I’d screwed up the PC — yeah I’ve had it one day and it’s on the blink already, what a typical PC. I tried setting up the router but not successful. Gee, I know this will bug me all night, I almost wanted to leave the bed but the temptation for smoochies was too much. Leave it till tomorrow then.