I’m a technical genius

No really. I have to say so myself.

Woke up at 5.30am with a gigantic coughing fit. Can’t sleep, felt miserable. So I put the kettle on and made a large cup of tea. Settled down and tried to hook up the wireless. Didn’t work at first — remember the router isn’t supposed to take the place of the modem, it needs to be added on top.

The disk didn’t save initially, but I changed the security settings and it was fine. The first time the dell hooked up to the network I was ecstatic.

Set up her PB2 so its airport picks up the signal. The first time I had both on my desk, both using the wireless, I was lilke, wow.

Still not successful with the ethernet cable to PB1, I think it’s the boot server, it’s been a long day, I took a short nap in the afternoon but I’m still tired. We went out for dinner, I popped into the shop and upgraded my broadband to a cheaper but unlimited plan, so it’s all well.

I’ll deal with the ethernet later.