well, not packing with a list means I forgot my spare glasses. Hopefully my glasses won’t break over the next few days.

I checked-in early and was told the flight’s full (surprising since when I checked-in online yesterday it didn’t look that way) and I’ve been upgraded. Yay! The agent asked if I minded a window seat, boy … of course not!

I had plenty of time so I grabbed a machine in the airline lounge and stayed there till it was time for boarding. Being in the lounge is great, especially one that’s big and organized.

Staying at the Oriental again, nice. They’ve really done good on their renovation, everything is super luxurious — robe, slippers, toileries, fruit, furniture. Even the ethernet cable is in a thick black box. This time I asked for an extra duvet, so I have two, yay!

I have a lovely view of the harbour, directly opposite the Fullerton. The IOC is in town and they just had a short fireworks display at teh Esplanade, which I was able to see at close quarters from my room.

Thing about flying is, my feet and knees need a massage now. Heh, I could call the spa and get one, but I’ve taken a shower now, don’t want to move. Ahh… the good life.