airline travel

I was upgraded on the onward journey. The return journey I traveled with my friend CC, but we didn’t have time to coordinate seats before reaching the airport, so we had to rely on the desk agent. We had seats on the second last row of the plane – row 65. Now usually I’m at row 31 or thereabouts, and it’s like going into the twilight zone all the way back there. Up front, the passengers seem to be different, business travels, frequent travellers who knew the unspoken rules of travelling on a plane — what to expect at dinner, how not to intrude into each other’s space, keep talking to a minimum, on a short haul flight not recline your seat.

But there are the back were the riff-raffs. People who were clueless. First of, there were like 40 kids on a study tour, then about 20 hicks, disgusting people I normally stay 10 feet away. Garbage all over the floor, filthy bathrooms, and not even lining up properly. We tried to keep within our cocoons. Luckily it was only a 3 1/2 hour flight and we were able to whittle most of the time away by watching the film (Miss Congeniality 2 – nice concept, lousily written), dinner and napping.