relax day 2

We slept in and didn’t get up till after 10am. I wish I can do that every day, sigh. After the spa yesterday we were given a couple of coupons for complimentary drinks, so we went to the café and had tea (for me) and coffee (for her). Real tea leaves albeit lipton, which I had to abandon after one cup, I like real tea leaves but lipton sucks.

She wanted to go to a buddhist temple to ask for her fortune. Though skeptical at whether someone who is (?) regularly (?) going to doctrine lessons should be asking for fortunes in the temple of another religion, I was happy that the result was excellent. She asked for guidance on career and the outcome is that she is in a good position, with good prospect and people looking out for her. I’m relieved.

It was extremely hot and I was dripping inside, didn’t improve when we got outside and had to walk a way to the bus stop. There we found out that the next bus was in 15 mins time. We lucked out a bit, we found somewhere to sit under shelter, and the supervisor at the bus stop said she’d look out for the bus for us. In the end, I spotted it first!! Yay me! It was a long ride, 35 mins, to the end of another island, but it was worth it. We had lunch at a really famous Portuguese restaurant, Fernando’s, it’s motto is “no airconditioning, no high chairs, no ketchup, but we have food and drink.”

It was already 2pm and still we had to wait, I can’t imagine what it would have been like earlier, or at dinner time. We had chorizo sausages, garlic prawns, whole roasted squid and a green salad. Came with yummy bread that I bought half a dozen of, to the surprise of the waitress who had to ask the manager. I also had, like, 3 bottles of beer, yikes. Hey! It was hot and I was thirsty.

Took the bus back out to town, walked around and bit, bought some custard tarts, then went to take the ferry back.

Funny system with the ferries. They have 4-5 sailings per hour, and when most of the passengers for that sailing had boarded, they let people who have tickets for subsequent sailings on as standby. So the practice is if you bought a ticket for say 8pm, you can turn up at the terminal at 6pm and see if you can get onto the, say 6.30pm. Which is what we did, and we were lucky.

Got home at around 9pm and I was too full from the day to eat dinner.

Sigh. We had a wonderful time, the prospect of going to work tomorrow ……. not keen.

relax day 1

Our spa holiday in Macau begins today. One hour away by ferry only, it’s convenient.

Took a taxi to Taipa island and had pork chop in a roll at this famous run-down local place. Had to line up for about half an hour to get it, the rolls are only available from 3pm. Nice taste, but I wonder whether it’s the hype.

Just in time for the spa at our hotel – Mandarin Oriental. We booked a deluxe package and ended up with the similar choices. Started with Ocean Salt body rub that made my skin smooth all over, washed it off in a steam shower, very nice. Then Swedish massage and a deep cleansing facial. Very relaxing, I kept falling asleep.

After the massage we used the jacuzzi and steam room for a bit, before showering and getting ready for dinner.

Went out to a local Portuguese restaurant and ordered sardines, roast pigeon (the restaurant’s speciality), ox tongue and mixed veg. Also a small carafe of sangria — when in a Mediterranean restaurant, do the Mediterranean thing.

Walked around the central square, quite crowded and some of the old shops have been replaced with modern, chain stores. A bit of a shame really.

Not enough taxis, so we took the bus. Went to the Sands casino next to the hotel for a look-see. Mostly baccarat tables, which we don’t understand. Some poker, some roulette, stake per game is too high for us. Played the slot machines for about 10 minutes then we got bored, and decided to head back to our room. It was around 12.30am and I was surprised how late it was. The urge to go back “home” was quite pronounced, compared to when I was still at college, when that hour was early.

The bed was huge, way bigger than mine. I did a run and jump into it, it was fun.


We went to see our financial advisor today, to catch up with our savings. Doing quite well in general. We were talking about how much we need in order to retire, it’s a long way, sigh.

Went to get tickets for our short break, explored a few options at the ferry terminal and at travel agents. Ended up finding a spa package at the Mandarin Oriental, on the internet. Could have booked online but she called a toll-free number and got it sorted out.

Enough walking around, later we went for foot massage. The therapist is one I like, but haven’t been able to time my visits so she’s free, I’m so pleased I got her today. She says my feet seem to be better, not as stiff. I’m glad.

team spirits

I’m a floater. I don’t belong to any team, group or function. Being project based means I’m not attached to any particular area, and I have very little day to day contact with all but a few people. It’s great. But then again it’s a little lonely and people wonder what I do (well, I post here and I write stuff, to be honest 🙂 ).

But recently I’ve been semi-adopted by the C&B / Operations team, yay! They’re really great, and we’re all specialists anyway. They include me in their social gatherings, and today I went to their lunchtime team meeting so I can talk about one of my projects. I can return to the next meetings! It’s good, cos I don’t exactly report to the head, but I work closely with her. We’re in different cost centres so no conflict but I’m excited about working closer with them.


Got this flash game, crimson room from sherlock yesterday. Apparently there are 13 objects to be find in order to escape from the room.

If you found:
0-6 items, your IQ is very low, total idiot
6-8 items, Low IQ, u r an idiot
9-10 items, u r normal
11-12 items, your IQ is high, above the average.
13 items found and get out of the room, there are less than 4000 people in the world can do it.

Clue : 1994

I managed to get 12. She found it frustrating, cos she’s not as dorky as me. I ran through it on the phone with her.

Apparently there’s a sequel. Haven’t tried it out yet, cos I want to try to solve the first one. Googling “crimson room solution” gives a lot of links, but I’ll resist, for now. 🙂

date night

I don’t think I’ve ever been on many dates, and neither has mm. Ours is a practical and unromantic relationship. And I was crabby yesterday and made her worried, instead of being mad, she said why don’t we have a date? Oh how sweet! We went to lunch together too, just the simple congee and noodle place near work.

At first dinner date was karaoke, but it’s booked. Then we wanted to go for steak, but earliest was 8.30pm, so we went back to our normal Jap place. But it was still a date. Sweetness.

Then back home, and it’s just a simple, happy time. Even though it’s totally pouring outside and we got completely soaked (even with the giant golf umbrella), it didn’t dampen our mood.

better coughcoughcough

Long day today, started with a 8.30am training that went on for 2 hours. When I got into the office there were people milling about outside in the corridor, turns out the aircon was out for the entire building. It was stuffy. Luckily it came back on in a short while.

More meetings in the morning. Had to do a long presentation in the afternoon. Then another meeting and more work. It’s good to be busy I guess.

Conference call at 8pm. So the day ended late.

In the middle of it, I heard from the recruiter for that job in DC — they decided to go for someone more experienced. Sigh. What can I do, I was looking forward to a lot of things, even though it meant a move. It’s nearly time for a change anyway.

milder coughcoughcough

I finished up my work in the morning and came home in the afternoon. Meds making me drowsy. Tried looking at the screen but felt buzzing all inside my head. Took a nap, was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, slept for 2 hours.

Long day tomorrow, 8.30am start, 2 hours training. Then I have to do a presentation in the afternoon, and conference call at night. All to do with the thing that starts Monday, yikes. What a time to be unwell.


Today was BAD. I couldn’t stop coughing, it was the hacking, lung on table kind of cough. My poor boss, in the next office, heard every single one!

It’s quite bad, so bad it hurts.

Mum called. She’s feeling better and they wanted to go for dinner to make up for yesterday’s missed tea. It’s a weekday and I’m not feeling well, but what could I say? So we did, and we had a good meal.

lazy day

Was supposed to meet family for tea buffet, so I only had a light lunch. Made her eat most of it heehee. Then mum called to say she isn’t feeling well, so let’s not go. I was secretly glad — not cos she’s feeling poorly, but cos I don’t need to go out. Then she called again and said she couldn’t find sis so it’s still on. Sigh, okay. About 5 minutes later, she called again … found sis and it’s off. Okay. 5 minutes later, called again to confirm, yes it’s off. Sigh, alright. Poor mum, not feeling well.

In the middle of all that, I was backing up my PB1 to the external hard disk. PB1 can no longer connect to the internet, I have no idea why. The mp3 backup took 5 hours, but now I can play my music on any machine, it’s worth it.

I’m glad it was a lazy day though, I don’t like going out anymore. Oh, the upside was, we had a nap in the afternoon, we were both tired, it was nice.

food expo

we visited the food expo today. I had a conference chat with my writing group this morning, which overran, making me late for lunch and slightly irritable. I’m slightly irritable quite often nowadays.

The food expo was held in the large convention centre, and consisted of 2 floors of stalls. It was crowded, like every available walking space was filled with people, progress was slow. I hung onto her like a lifeboat, on one hand not wanting to lose any opportunity for close quarters touching, on the other hand trying very hard not to get claustrophobic and irritated at the crowd. Considering how I hate people and crowds, I think I did okay.

There were a few stalls that offered samples. We tried some, but not all. Tried mainly drinks, like tea and the fruit vinegar. We bought a whole case of the fruit vinegar, cos it’s supposed to be healthy. Bought some snacks, noodles, seaweed. Both ended up laden down with many many bags. Had to sit down on the floor to rest for a while (why floor? cos no chairs.)

I was very very tired. At one point my feet hurt so much I could hardly walk. So we decided to go for foot massage, our usual massagers were not available so we had to get other people. I couldn’t care less, as long as I could prop my feet up. It felt better afterwards.


I read this on bbc news, but it’s all over the net now. There’s an initiative to add an entry “ICE” on people’s mobile phones. ICE stands for In case of emergency, and it’s so that emergency workers / police / hospitals etc can find out the emergency contact in case something happens. It’s not being morose, just a simple idea that can work, if enough people do it. It will save time, precious time, cos the emergency workers don’t need to look through people’s phone contacts to find the right person to call.

I added 2 entries, cos you can have more than one.

phone culture

From Wired.

It’s a dichotomy. Cell phones. On the one hand the manufacturers inundate us with functionalities of their products. Now they come with browsers, cameras, mp3 players, bluetooth and PDA functions. More advanced phones handle email, records and plays videos. What of the future? Next step, it’s broadband-quality access, video conferencing and video streaming.

But, have we forgotten what the basic usage for that machine? To make phone calls and text messages. I was trying to find the time on my phone the other day, and I was frustrated at how deep I had to go into the menu system. And then, some time later, I discovered I don’t have a calculator.

Is it unreasonable to expect a calculator in a cell phone? It’s strange, what we have become used to.

I read about the new service from Vodafone, called Vodafone Simply, where they offer only 2 phones, each with calendar, alarm, calculator, contacts, and that’s it. No camera, no bluetooth, no fancy schmancy gadget-y functions. Just plain phone and clear menu labelling. Apparently it’s aimed at the more mature population who neither want nor is willing to learn all the complex functions of today’s cell phones.

Neat. I say, go for it.


She twisted her ankle yesterday on the way home. She told me when I called last night, this is one of the moments when I want to change the living arrangements, stat. Not a lot I could have done about the swelling, but being there would have made both of us happier.

Finally decided to go to the doctor’s again. The stupid cough hasn’t stopped, and it’s been 2 months. We ran into each other — she was going back to the office after seeing the doctor, and I was on my way to mine. Talk about fate! What are the odds of that happening? I feel good about us.

She’s limping, poor girl. I jokingly offered either my purple crutches or my OAP walking stick, but she declined. She can walk ok, but it looks painful.

Strange that in the space of about half an hour between going to the doctors and coming out, I see like 4 people on crutches. It’s freaky.


I dislike Office and most MS products, that’s a given. But even I have Office, in both PB and the dell. Necessary evil. One of my mac friends was looking for a way to open .doc, cos she has an iBook but no Office.

So I looked. At first I thought Nisus, then OpenOffice. Which led to NeoOffice. I tried downloading to PB1, it stopped downloading at 120MB so I thought that was it. But it never mounted. Turns out the full download is 357MB. Wow.

I haven’t used it, but I was told it’s really good. Hey, it’s free!